The Project Management Board (PMB) is the core body for project management and decision making, responsible for the MEDNETA Project overall organization and successful implementation. It is established in Athens and led by the Project Coordinator (PrC) staff from the NTUA. PrC is supported on a day to day basis by a Project Management Team (PM&C Team) of 2 Experts qualified in project management with relevant experience on European Union Funded Programmes and Projects. PMB has a day-to-day online communication with all Partner Coordinators (PCs) and if necessary recalls certain PC’s to Athens to manage critical issues concerning their WPs. PMB is assisted by 3 committees as follows:

The Steering Committee (SC) 

The Scientific & Technical Committee (STC)

The Exploitation and Dissemination Committee (EDC)

The Steering Committee (SC) The Steering Committee (SC) defines project strategy and acts as an advisory board to PMB. SC will exclusively focus on needs to strategically prevent risks with appropriate contingency measures and promptly reacting to unattended risks. The SC is leaded by the NTUA and composed by all PCs or their representatives. The SC members will meet every 6 months and when needed consequently the SC main tasks are: i) prevent conflicts and frictions, ii) react to unattended events, iii) do project readjustments.

The Scientific & Technical Committee (STC) will give scientific and technical expertise and indications to the PMB and to the SC for all WPs securing thus the scientific and technical coverage of the Project. Leader the NTUA and comprises by 7 Scientific & Technical Experts (one for each WP). The STC meets whenever a relevant issue arises with a synthesis decided by NTUA.

The Exploitation and Dissemination Committee (EDC) is comprises by GAIA-h (as the EDC leader) and 2 members indicated by ASM for MPC (1) and by NTUA for EUMC (1). EDC tasks are: the development and coordination of the exploitation and dissemination strategy, for mainstreaming of the project results into the work of local stakeholders and policy makers.

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