Within MEDNETA project, WP3 Capitalization of project results aims for the establishment of a platform which will document, publish and initiate an open dialogue in the field of historical neighborhoods revitalization through creative industries. This dialogue will focus on advocating for creative industry as a strategic choice for sustainable development that secures cultural and economic dynamics in historical cities hence improving urban sustainability. The approach is holistic and inclusive, as it monitors urban, economic as well as trade factors and partners with public, private and civil society. The purpose of the Observatory will be monitoring and reassuring the transferability, feasibility, sustainability and compatibility of the Mediterranean ACDs Lab Network in the meta- project period (WP3.1).


– Provide ACD related urban data to ensure ACD sensitive urban policies formulation by decision makers

– Ensure an inclusive information flow between private public and civil societies

– Stimulate cross-border synergies and benchmarking for more sustainable cultural and economic ACD opportunities in Mediterranean historical cities. Serve as Documentation Center for research and policy in the field of creative activities in order to help cover important gaps observed in documentation and research on the creative activities and the historical centers, advice stakeholders and ACDs, train the creative class (craftsmen, artists, designers etc.). 



The objectives of WP3 are to establish a network of historical Mediterranean cities which will partner to:

1. Maintain updated ACD data and provide analysis to local stakeholders to ensure an inclusive decision making process taking into account findings that could impact ACD dynamics

2. Design initiatives for the increased competitiveness of contemporary ACDs to ensure the sustainability of their economic dynamics within cities and/or international markets

3. Identify priority issues, needed legislative reform and cultural trends impacting ACD dynamics

4. Cooperate with partner cities through revitalizing initiatives that could enrich mutual creative industries

5. Share resources, exchange best practices, historical origins, commercial opportunities and methodological know-how through network

6. Assist new members in network integration

7. Regularly measure the “Urban-ACD index»

8. Disseminate and communicate the experience gained by the project in total (urban strategies for the socioeconomic revitalization of historic cities, forms/ tools of cross- border cultural and economic cooperation and networking in the ACDs etc.) through the Web-GIS Platform (as the official site of the Observatory in the meta project period WP 3.2).



1. Regular monitoring and evaluation of ACD activities in historical cities and urban conditions that impact creative industry dynamics within historical cities

2. Maintain an updated status of ACD locations, migrations, SWOT and sectorial development impacted by urban ecosystem 

3. Publication of ACD in historical cities data, survey analysis, case study documentation onto the MEDNETA observatory

4. Policy formulation, planning, urban management and cross boarder initiative formulating to ensure sustainability of creative industry in historical cities

5. Capacity building assistance, compiling and analysis of ACD urban data for national policy development, while ensuring a participatory process including public, private and civil society

6. Assistance in setting up new partner institution

7. Advocate for a sustainable urban development which takes into account creative industry’s contribution to socio-economic development in historical cities

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